******Catprint****** Ocicat and Abyssinians

                                 Kittens Available


Pebbles and Samson 9/23/14 -available now

        1 female Cinnamon Spotted 

Cookie and Walker 10/17/14 available now

1 female Cinnamon Spotted

 Angel and Winter 11/28/14 available now

        1 male Chocolate Spotted

        1 male Chocolate Ticked

Cricket and Walker 1/12/15 -available now

        1 female Chocolate Spotted

Pandora and Winter 4/25/15

1 male Blue Spotted

1 female Chocolate Silver Spotted

Cookie and Sampson 5/6/15

2 male Ocicat kittens

4 female Ocicat kittens

Pebbles and Centurion 5/19/15

2 male Tawny Ticked "Ruddy"



Expecting several litters of Abyssinian kittens in July and August. There is a waiting list started on these kittens



Exotic Shorthairs

Several litters of Exotics born in May.

Black and White Bi-color  Blue and White Bi-color and Calico kittens. Please contact us for sexes and hair length


Current pictures and updates can be found on our facebook page Cat Print Cattery



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