******Catprint****** Ocicat and Abyssinians


You want a loyal companion that understands when you need a friend? These cats are devoted to their owners. Abyssinian's want to know what you are doing, and be a part of your life.  This breed is not a lap cat that just lays on the couch they are active and curious. Unlike most cats they often enjoy water and can be easily trained. Abyssinian's are elegant cats with a slender and athletic muscular body, beautiful arched neck, large ears and almond eyes and have the appearance of a wild jungle cat. 

Abyssinian's come in 4 colors, the most common color is ruddy.

Ruddy:burnt sienna with various shades of dark brown or black ticking, with an orange brown undercoat.
Red: a warm red color with chocolate  brown ticking, and a red undercoat.
Blue: a warm beige, ticked with various shade of slate blue, and a beige undercoat.
Fawn: a warm rose beige, ticked with a light coco brown, and a beige under coat.